Products-  We have one strict rule that we follow on products, ‘HIGH QUALITY ONLY’. We evaluate all our flower, extracts, and edible products to be of the finest quality in the marketplace. With Vendors like Canndescent, Honey Vape, and King Kip , we are assured our clients are only selecting from the very best menu items the ‘Cali Coast’ has to offer.

Service –  We provide an ‘In store’ experience for our clients. With menu options available in (Ventura, Semi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Northridge, Santa Monica, Venice/Marina, and Malibu), you can navigate easily at . Our ‘Bud Servers’ are experienced in helping our clients to evaluate what specific cannabis products are suitable for them.

We have a blowout sale from now until the end of March.  By two and get 50% off your third! Check out our shop, or our fresh drops below!

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