Cali Coast Delivery

Cannabis Delivery Service

Cali Coast Delivery

Cannabis Delivery Service

New Cali Coast Points System!

How do I receive points?

  1. Place an order through Cali Coast Delivery (First Time Patients and online orders work too!).
  2. Every $1 spent = 1 point -- If you spend $150 on your order, you'll get 150 points
  3.  Once your order is delivered, you'll receive a text message reading your points and a link to your digital wallet: "Thanks for ordering with Cali Coast Delivery! You have 150 points. See your wallet here"
  4. Add your wallet to your home screen for future purchases


How do I redeem my points? What rewards are available?

  1. Before placing an order, navigate to the Rewards & Points menu your wallet
  2. Here you'll see your points balance and available rewards to redeem:
  3. Select the reward you'd like to redeem, for example a $5 OFF Coupon for 100 Points
  4. MAKE SURE you redeem your reward A FEW MINUTES before you plan to order! Rewards MUST be redeemed the same day you order!!!
  5. Click "proceed to offer" to redeem your reward. Don't worry about keeping the redeem screen open! Our dispatch team can check when you redeemed your reward.
  6. Let our dispatch team know that you redeemed a reward and we'll apply it your reward to your cart.
  7. Only 1 reward can be redeemed per order!


Socal Order Line: (805) 980-8293 | Norcal Order Line: (510) 325-6617


⚠️WARNING: Products sold on this site can expose you to chemicals including marijuana smoke, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

License #C12-0000215-LIC
License #C9-0000218-LIC

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